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Bonny J. Forrest, J.D., Ph.D. is a psychological expert who brings a positive, intelligent viewpoint to broadcast television. Her diverse career includes experience in brain imaging at the National Institute of Mental Health, directing early childhood and parenting community programs, teaching and a private practice. She is also a published author, a dynamic speaker, and a thoughtful blogger.

Ten Year Old Stabs a Twelve Year Old KPBS, NBC, KOGO
Creating a Positive Start to the New Year Clear Channel Network
Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions NBC
Managing Stress Over the Holiday NBC
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse FOX
Talking About 911 NBC
Talking About 911 with Children FOX
Back To School Transitions KUSI
The Psychology of Murder-Suicide KUSI
Murder-Suicide Report, Live from Scene KUSI
Screening Children for Mental Health NBC
Preventing Summer Brain Drain FOX
Weinergate KUSI
Infidelity and the Impact on Children The CW
Ask the Doctors: Parenting FOX
Talking about Osama Bin Laden FOX
Positive Parenting Techniques FOX

• Author of book: Is My Child’s Behavior Normal? (under contract with Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC)
• WebMD, Money Magazine, CNN and articles and chapters for numerous professional journals
• San Diego Magazine, top doctors; developmental disabilities

• Creator of online screening program for children’s mental health:
• Expert witness on Psychology issues in court cases nationally (e.g., death penalty)
• Teaching Experience: Instructor, Columbia University, Loyola University, California School of Professional Psychology, Indiana University (e.g., Brain and Behavior, Biological Bases of Behavior, Assessment and Advocacy)
• Director of Early Childhood Parenting Programs and Community Mental Health Clinics
• Special Guest Researcher, National Institute of Mental Health

• Fellowship, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Columbia University and NIMH
• Internship, Pediatric Neuropsychology, Yale Child Study Center and School of Medicine
• Ph.D., Psychology, Columbia University
• M. Phil., Columbia University
• B.A., Sociology and Criminal Justice, Purdue University